Sep. 22nd, 2017 09:30 pm
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I just fucked up making dinner in a really weird way!!!

So we're still feeling sick although I think we're starting to get a little better, but I went to make a bowl of cream of rice or well a mug of it I guess, because that's warm food that's easy to eat, sounds good. Well I microwaved it and it beeped like it was done and then I opened the microwave to find the food had escaped the mug??? Like there was the mug, mostly empty, and all the food had just gone like kthbbbt out of the mug and was sitting on the spinny thing in the microwave like hi, your mug can not contain my power!!!

So I just had to wash the mug and the microwave spinny thing and there goes all the food down the sink drain and I need to try this again and cover the mug so the food doesn't escape, I didn't know cream of rice had such a rebellious spirit to it. :P



Sep. 18th, 2017 10:38 pm
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I've never left a job before. I spent my 20s as a contract researcher, and when my project came to an end, I just... didn't work in that lab any more. So I didn't know how to give notice, how to do the tax paperwork, it was all completely new to me. Also, the people I've been working closely with for the past eight years were all actually sad to see me go and wanted to mark the rite of passage. That was new to me too, in a mostly touching but slightly bittersweet way.

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I started my new job the following Monday. I need to work out how much I should talk about that in detail here; for one thing it's looking to involve somewhat more blogging and social media presence as my professional persona than the old job did. Also I am still adjusting to living in Cambridge full time, which is probably another post, and I'm up to my eyes preparing for the High Holy Days beginning on Wednesday, so I am going to stick with posting about leaving rather than about arriving for now.



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